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New Datacenter - Dallas

by Elijah C.

Posted on Decemeber 14th, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Dallas Datacenter!

We're greatly pleased to report because of the proceeded with help towards our organization and its items – we’re now able to open a new and improved location better than ever! To serve the clients requiring all the more top notch DDoS mitigation and data transmission network. The ping in this location in general should be much better than the South Carolina location – this is because of a couple of elements including a course streamlining agent we can exploit.

What it intends to clients? The new datacenter won't change much to exist clients – unless you need to move up to it – you can simply overlook it exists and portable like ordinary.

The Dallas Datacenter is essentially a redesign accessible to customers should they require or simply need a superior framework holding their server online with more noteworthy repetition.

In case you're hoping to redesign – you'll have to pay $10/mo additional. This cost is to cover the many dollars a month more we're spending on supporting this area and framework alone.

What benefits does it contain? Potential execution changes! Truly! You heard it, the new area because of the new water cooling given to us will keep us running at a considerably more productive temperature, keeping the CPU from throttling at crest times!-

DDoS security! The DDoS insurance in the new area has been essentially enhanced reason worked to deal with layer 7 assaults similarly as productively as layer 4 assaults. This implies your server will truly be projectile confirmation.

I don't know, I like what I'm presently utilizing. That is fine! You don't have to change. We're wanting to help the two distinct areas for quite a while! 🙂

Sign me up, I need the cake! In case you're adoring the sound of this, or it's exactly what you're searching for – open a ticket with help to secure your overhaul before we offer out of the space we at present have.

In the event that you need any more points of interest please open a ticket and ask away – or if live help is online simply drop us a line requesting more subtle elements 🙂

Kindest Regards,
Elijah M. Connors
Chief Exective Officer